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The Streets39 The Streets, A Grand Don’t Come For Free
Hip hop from England

Regarded as one of the UK's best lyricist and brightest talents, Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) finally registered with the Not ones to just buy into the hype of an artist, The Streets has an impeccable style and delivery that is unlike anything you will hear in the US. You definitely can not call The Streets as the "next big thing" anymore, his time has arrived.

Best Songs: "Dry Your Eyes," "Not Addicted," & "Such A Twat"

A Grand Don’t Come For Free A Grand Don’t Come For Free
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Buddahead38 Buddahead, Crossing the Invisible Line
Falling in with a great debut

Raman Kia may be Buddahead but this is surely no one-trick pony, as Buddahead may have started as a solo project, it now is definitly a band, a very good band. With clever and honest writing, the songs on Crossing the Invisible Line are what set it apart from the majority of other releases of the year. Buddahead, is one of the rising stars in music.

Best Songs: "When I Fall," "How Does It Feel," & "Strong"

Crossing the Invisible Line Crossing the Invisible Line
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Futures37 Jimmy Eat World, Futures
Much stronger than the "middle"

It is always tough for a band that has been around a while to follow up the CD/single that shot them to stardom. Some crumble at the pressure but Jimmy Eat World have come out firing with one of the best CDs of their career. Always a sucker for great melodies and vocal harmonies, Futures is a record that you will be hearing a lot more from in 2005.

Best Songs: "Futures," "Work," & "Drugs For Me"

Futures Futures
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Absolution36 Muse, Absolution
Euro-Rockers wear influences on sleeves

Muse has been called a Radiohead knock-off since they started...and there are a lot worse things that you can call a band. This trio is known for their tremendous live shows and Absolution is the culmination of a band bringing their terrific live sound into the studio and finally being able to capture it.

Best Songs: "Time is Running Out," "Hysteria," & "Small Print"

Absolution Absolution
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Los Lonely Boys35 Los Lonely Boys, Los Lonely Boys
Willie's friends step to the front

One of the breakthrough stars of 2004. The Los Lonely Boys burst onto the scene this year with the infectious "Heaven" and just kept rising from there. With a boost from one of their biggest fans, Willie Nelson, the Los Lonely Boys have burst onto the scene with 4 Grammy nominations including Best Song and Best New Artist. Expect to hear more in the future from them.

Best Songs: "Senorita," "Heaven," & "Hollywood"

Los Lonely Boys Los Lonely Boys
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Josh Todd34 Josh Todd, You Made Me
Ex-Buckcherry frontman shines on

After the breakup of Buckcherry and flirting with joining the project that eventually became Velvet Revolver, Josh Todd decided to go back to his roots and just have fun making music. He answered an add looking for a singer and struck gold. Todd is that ultimate frontman and a throwback to the rock of old with his bombast. You Made Me shows Todd & band at their best.

Best Songs: "Shine," "Mind Infection," & "Broken Bones"

You Made Me You Made Me
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Magnetic Fields33Magnetic Fields, I
Concept album from the kings of concept

What do you do to top an epic 69 Songs About Love trilogy? Well you go concept again with great songs brought to you by the letter I. Songwriter, producer, instrumentalist Stephin Merritt is the brains behind the Magnetic Fields and one of the truly underrated artists in music today.

Best Songs: "I Was Born," "I Don't Really Love You Anymore," & "I'm Tongue-Tied"

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Silvertide32 Silvertide, Show & Tell
Philly rockers break big

Philly is showing up on the list once again in a big way. These rockers got a big push opening for the re-united Van Hagar this summer and had a great chance to show off one of the best new rock records in years. Silvertide is a classic rock band with its solid writing, sweeping hooks, strong backbone and guitar, the dynamic frontman, and most of all the attitude to take them to the top.

Best Songs: "Ain't Coming Home," "California Rain," & "Heartstrong"

Show & Tell Show & Tell
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Survival of the Sickest31 Saliva, Survival of the Sickest
Memphis rockers back in your system

A band that just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every record. Initially incorrectly lumped in with the rap/rock craze, Saliva continues to bring the arena rock sound back to the front of the musical spectrum. Survival of the Sickest showcases all the sides and tastes of Saliva and without a doubt is the first CD to showcase the band's ferocious live sound on record.

Best Songs: "Survival Of The Sickest ," "Two Steps Back," & "Razor's Edge"

Survival of the Sickest Survival of the Sickest
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Goodbye to all That30 rubyhorse, Goodbye to all That
One of our favorites returns

Irish/Boston rockers who felt the sting of losing a label to only grow stronger and improve. While Rise showcased a more polished sound, Goodbye to All That showcases that songwriter and more melodic side of the band. Here the band lets everything fly and are true to themselves. The honesty and emotions on the record bring the listener in and make it a must listen.

Best Songs: "Fell on Bad Day," "Long Time Coming," & "She Brings Me Only Sorrow"

Goodbye to all That Goodbye to all That
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3. Don't Try This at Home - Dave Navarro
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3. Scar Tissue - Anthony Kiedis
The drug filled life of the voice of the Chili Peppers.

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