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Back Into Your System Saliva
Back Into Your System

    They are back and the stakes are raised. After the platinum success of 2001's Every Six Seconds and lead singer Josey Scott's Grammy nominated turn on the Spiderman soundtrack, it seems as if the spotlight is shining on Saliva more than it was. The set-up was there for the sophomore jinx to kick in and set Saliva on the clock towards fading away.

   It seems as though the band has laughed at all that talk as Back Into Your System blows away its previous work. The band seems much more open and honest with its writing on their sophomore effort. "Superstar 2" tells the story of trying to cope with maintaining relationships while gaining success while first single and smash hit "Always" tells the perils of an abused woman. What is this I hear, a power ballad? The gem on the disc has to be "Rest in Pieces," a song written for the band by Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx. Josey Scott truly shines on the track. Other highlights on the disc include "Pride," "Weight of the World," "Storm" and "Pride."

    Back Into Your System shows Saliva is much more than the rap/rock sound that launched Every Six Seconds. In the long run, that is what is going to keep the band around for a long time, and have Saliva consistently back into our systems.


1. Superstar II
2. Weight of the World
3. Always
4. Back Into Your System
5. All Because of You
6. Raise Up
7. Separated Self
8. Rest in Pieces
9. Storm
10. Holdin On
11. Pride
12. Famous Monsters