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Something Corporate, G Love & Special Sauce & 311 rock the pier
G Love
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   I don’t know if it is like this where you are, but the last two weeks in Philadelphia have been pretty damn gross. It’s been hot, humid, rainy….and did I mention hot? So the last thing that I wanted to do on a Sunday night was go to an outdoor concert down at the Festival Stage @ Penn’s Landing to see Something Corporate, G Love & Special Sauce & 311.

   Unfortunately by the time I got to the show due to an accident, Something Corporate is already onstage. You may not think you are familiar with Something Corporate, but trust me, you probably are and just do not know it. Throught the success of singles “Punk Rock Princess” & “If You C Jordan,” their debut CD, Leaving Through the Window, made many a best-sellers list in 2002. What their record does not show though, is the energy that these guys put forth on stage. Lead singer/pianist Andrew McMahon is all over the stage – standing on his piano, jumping around – just a ball of energy as is the rest of the band. Highlights definitely included the aforementioned “Punk Rock Princess,” the set closer “If You C Jordan,” “Hurricane,” and a new song from the forthcoming CD, Songs for Silent Movies, “Space.”

   Next up was Philly native G Love & Special Sauce. Due to some health problems disclosed in our exclusive interview, G was forced to sit for most of his set. It did not hinder anything though. Relying on some of his older material, G had many in the crowd begging for more. He could do no wrong with an opening of “Blues Music,” “Garbage Man,” “Roll Away,” as well as a hell of a teaser of the P. Diddy classic, “Bad Boy 4 Life.” Just as the crowd was really getting into the set, it was time to leave as G, “Jimi Jazz” Jim Prescott, and the “Houseman” Jeff Clemens ripped through “I-76," “Baby’s Got Sauce,” and “Cold Beverages.”

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   After G Love & Special Sauce left the stage, the energy in the crowd was really getting hyped as the stage was shifted around for the headliners, 311. I’m not going to lie, I have never been a big 311 fan. A lot of my friends are and I have given them many a shot but I just have not been able to get into their music. Their latest release Evolver surprised me since it kept my attention the whole time. The songs were good and it flowed more than their other releases, at least to me. So I was looking forward to seeing what they could do live and I wasn’t really prepared for what I saw.

   311 put on one of the most energetic performances that I have seen in a long time. The singing combination of Nick Hexum & S.A. Martinez keeps the crowd going. Hexum and Martinez have different styles but do complement each other nicely on stage. Add that to one of the most dedicated & loyal fan bases and you have a recipe for a great show. When the band announced they were going to play a rarity in “Running,” the crowd still exploded and knew every word. I’ve been to many a show and haven’t seen a pop like that since Aerosmith announced their encore of “Walk this Way” and brought back out Kid Rock and Run DMC. Highlights off the set were “Running,” “Uncalm,” “Feel So Good,” “Creatures (For Awhile),” & “Down.”

   While it rained all day and held off just long enough for the show, you could tell the weather may have taken something out of the crowd. While there was some breeze off the water, it was still way hot in the pit area but it didn’t hurt the crowd too much as they ate up everything that 311 was giving them. Do yourself a favor and check out 311 when they come to your town, even if you are not a fan, something tells me you will be by the time they leave the stage.