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Best Band in the World
The Red Hot Chili Peppers rock Camden, NJ

   Best Rock band in the World. Bono talked about being that a few years back while accepting a Grammy but who is the current holder of the title? That was answered Friday night in a resounding way as the Red Hot Chili Peppers blew up the Tweeter Center. The legendary band may be in their 20th year in the public eye but are definitely a band that has gotten better and better each and every year.

   “By the Way” opened the show and just two songs later (“Around the World”) it was very clear that the band was in the groove. The sheer musicianship and talent is obvious as the band ventures into new territories during solos of the song. You can tell that this band is connected on a different level as each seems to know where the rest is an all times. Flea, Chad Smith, & John Frusciante form one of the tightest and impressive backbones in music and Anthony Kiedis is still one of the best frontmen in music.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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   Sticking with a setlist focusing mostly on 2002’s By The Way and 1999’s Californication, the Peppers had the crowd all worked up. The nearly sold-out Tweeter Center was packed with an energy that I haven’t seen there in a long time. All good things must come to an end though as the set went by just way too quick. The band was on and the crowd easily would have stuck around in the rain for a couple more hours, but we all know that can not happen as “Californication” ripped it up and “Give it Away” brought an end to the set.

   After a short break, Chad Smith returned to his drum kit for a small drum solo as Flea came back to the stage with his trumpet. I don’t know about everyone else but such a cool moment seeing Flea with his trumpet and just offering a small glimpse of things to come from the Peppers. The lighters were brought out in true rock sense as the band opened the encore up with “Under the Bridge” before getting into “Sir Psycho Sexy.”

   The RHCP proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are the top rock band in the world right now. By the Way is still in our CD players as is Californication. Do yourself a favor though and see this band in its top form and see them live. You will not regret it.


1. By the Way
2. Scar Tissue
3. Around the World
4. Universal Speaking
5. Parrallel Universe
6. Zephyr Song
7. Throw Away Your Television
8. Havanah Affair
9. Otherside
10. Purple Stain
11. Don't Forget Me
12. Right On Time
13. Could Have Lied
14. Can't Stop
15. Californication
16. Give It Away

17. Under the Bridge
18. Sir Psycho Sexy