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The Invisible Line
Buddahead rock the Fire

   The Fire was scorching with the arrival of Buddahead. Led by NYC based singer/songwriter Raman Kia, this is one impressive band whose debut disc is soon to hit the shelves. With Philly natives Toby Evers on Bass & Rich Scanella on Drums, it was definitely more of a homecoming show then the normal Fire shows. With friends in the audience, Raman and the rest of Buddahead definitely brought their performance to a high level.

   With a 45 minute set showcasing songs from the debut, Crossing the Invisible Line, the band showed why they are one of the rising bands in music today with solid songs and very solid musicianship. Nick Sneblen let some blistering guitar solos fly during the night while sporting his Philadelphia Flyers shirt, while Simon Gibson added some very strong acoustic guitar and background vocal work, in this, one of his first shows with the band. But make no bones about it; Raman is the guy who is the creative juices of the band. The emotional songs really take life during concert and the band has a great stage presence, you can tell they are having a ball doing what they love.

   High points of the set include “Holding Me Back,” “How Does it Feel,” “Take it all Away,” and the set closer, the first single “When I Fall.” Before the last number Raman told the crowd that the single would be the next song and if the crowd was good and asked nicely for it, he would give an extended version…of course this had the crowd salivating at the thought of something fresh and new. At the end of the song, the crowd was yelling for more and the group launched into an extended jam session which just further showcased their ability. Buddahead is definitely a band that we plan on keeping an ear on, and a band sure to make some waves.

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