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   Yeah, we know that he has his own Greatest Hits album out but it definitely did not do G Love & Special Sauce justice. We are proud to launch our new series with G Love & Special Sauce Artist Essentials. Along with ITunes, you too can download our version of the Best of G Love & Special Sauce, just click on the ITunes symbol under each song..

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1. Astronaut
Album: The Hustle
 The first couple of words say it all, "Hit it G." What better way to start off the Artist Essentials than with the killer first single from The Hustle.

2. Cold Beverages
Album: G Love & Special Sauce
 The ultimate party song ...don't need to say anymore.
Cold Beverage

3. I-76
Album: Yeah, Its That Easy
 Ah the Philly memories. This song just brings back all the memories of driving between spots in Philly.

4. Friday Night
Album: Philadelphonic
 On this friday night, Everything is alright, Rock steady grooves, In the middle of the night. Everything is heated up, And nobody’s standing still
With my arm around my girl, And a hundred dollar bill.
Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill)

5. Rock and Roll
Album: Philadelphonic
 A shout out to the old school, props to the ones who came before.
Rock & Roll (Shouts Out Back to the Rappers)

6. Don't Drop It
Album: The Hustle
 The old G Love groove with a fuller sound. G pronounces he is back with this song...and boy is he.
Don't Drop It

7. Love
Album: The Hustle
 The backbone to G Love, the hook ridden "love" song...with a twist. The song written after a bad breakup, with some darker qualities if you listen to the lyrics.

8. Dreamin'
Album: Philadelphonic
 In loving memory of Bradley from Long Beach, CA. Summertime & summer lovin' brimming from this one.

9. Recipe
Album: Yeah, Its That Easy
 "I've got more in store for you.."

10. Honor and Harmony
Album: Philadelphonic
 G finds the harmonies and exploits them perfectly.
Honor and Harmony

11. Unified
Album: The Electric Mile
 Bringing the world together through music, but the world is not ready ...no.

12. Waiting
Album: The Hustle
 "Waiting for you to come around.." what a killer hook placed in this acoustic singer.

13. The Things That I Used to Do
Album: G Love & Special Sauce
 The blues side of G Love from his now 10 year old debut...has it really been 10 years?
The Things That I Used to Do

14. Blues Music
Album: G Love & Special Sauce
 I remember working in a dept sore outside of philly just banging out the drum on the register while one of my coworkers hit the clothes racks for the guitar lick. One of the best G Love songs
Blues Music

15. This Ain't Living
Album: G Love & Special Sauce
 The first time seeing G Love & Special Sauce was way back in 1996, opening for Rusted Root at the Tower. This song jumped out and made me go pick up the CD the next day.
This Ain't Living

16. Night of the Living Dead
Album: The Electric Mile
*Not available on ITunes
 The Electric Mile featured a lot more singing than fans may have been used to or expecting but this song was shining above all the rest.

17. Rodeo Clowns
Album: Philadelphonic
*Not available on ITunes
 The song that introduced Jack Johnson to a large scale audience...oh how it has come full circle with Jack now introducing G to a whole new audience.

18. Stepping Stones
Album: Yeah, Its That Easy
 Ah another breakup song...one that helped move a lot of people through nasty breakups. "You ain't using me like a steppin stone."
Stepping Stones

19. Booty Call
Album: The Hustle
 Wow is this song going to be fun live. The classic shallow, nothing but fun G Love song.
Booty Call

20. Kiss & Tell
Album: Coast to Coast Motel
 Another song that just leapt out of that first show way back in 1996. A definite G Love anthem...."Don't kiss and don't tell...your going to get yourself in trouble." Words to live by.
Kiss and Tell

21. Baby's Got Sauce
Album: G Love & Special Sauce
 The song that really started it all. Written by a young G in love...your baby ain't sweet like mine.
Baby's Got Sauce