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   True Legends. One of the best groups in rock history. Queen is one of the truly historic bands of our time and have one of the strongest catalogs. With Brian May & Roger Taylor reviving the group with Paul Rogers and selling out tours all over the world, it was time to put together the Essential Queen collection. We went through their entire catalog and picked out our favorite songs, the songs we think best fits the Queen sound, although we came upon a very big problem....no way would it fit on 1 CD. So we had to make some very difficult cuts and along with ITunes, you too can download our version of the Essential Queen, just click on the ITunes symbol under each song.

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1. Bohemian Rhapsody
 The song that brought the band back to the masses thanks to its inclusion in the movie Wayne's World. This song gave birth to the rock opera.
Bohemian Rhapsody

2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 First saw the song performed on a Saturday Night Live rerun. With Freddie swinging his hips and working the stage, this gave birth to the notion that Queen was something to see.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

3. Fat Bottom Girls
 Ah the tight harmony to open the song followed by one of the great rock riffs. "I never knew no good from bad"
Fat Bottomed Girls

4. Keep Yourself Alive
 Brian May has such a recognizable guitar sound...it really is a thing of beauty.
Keep Yourself Alive

5. Another One Bites The Dust
 That bass, oh that bass.
Another One Bites the Dust

6. Hammer To Fall
 What the hell are we fighting for?
Hammer to Fall

7. Stone Cold Crazy
 Later covered by Metallica, this song transcends time and genre
Stone Cold Crazy

8. Under Pressure
 Two rock legends trading vocals, can you top that. Not even Vanilla Ice could ruin this song, although he came close.
Under Pressure

9. I Want To Break Free
 What a great video for this song featuring the band in drag. This song was later the theme song/rally cry for revolutions worldwide.
I Want to Break Free

10. Las Palabras de Amor
 A hidden gem in the Queen catalog penned by Brian May. I found this song on the Concert for Life DVD and fell in love with it.
Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love)

11. These Are the Days of Our Lives
 Was a song ever more autobiographical than this one? Freddie knew he was dying from the AIDS virus and delivered this heartbreaker.
These Are the Days of Our Lives

12. Who Wants To Live Together
 Penned for the Highlander movie, still a touching tribute in hindsight.
Who Wants to Live Forever

13. One Year of Love
 Another track penned for the Highlander film, it is a true gem that has never received the acknowledgment it deserves.
One Year of Love

14. Too Much Love Will Kill You
 One of the last songs Queen completed before Freddie's tragic death. Freddie succeeded in going out the same way he came in, on top.
Too Much Love Will Kill You

15. Love of My Life
 Freddie's gem. A simple stunning ballad
Love of My Life

16. Somebody To Love
  So good it was a hit when the Concert for Life version was released with George Michaels handling the vocals.
Somebody to Love

17. Radio Ga Ga
  A great song only heightened when you see old concert footage of a sold out Wembley Stadium, fists in the air clapping in unison. Never seen anything like it before, or again.
Radio Ga Ga

18. I Want It All
  A gigantic guitar solo by Brian may opens the song and it just kicks until the end. A great rocker
I Want It All

19. We Will Rock You
We Will Rock You

20. We Are The Champions
  Heard across stadiums everywhere. These two are timeless classics.
We Are the Champions