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   A band that never got the billing it deserved. Dubbed a Pearl Jam clone when they burst onto the scene, they were turning out hits long past Pearl Jam's commercial days. A band that was eventually ripped apart by singer Scott Weiland's drug problems, and internal conflict. We went through their entire catalog and picked out our favorite songs, the songs we think best fits the STP sound, although we came upon a very big problem....no way would it fit on 1 CD. So we had to make some very difficult cuts and along with ITunes, you too can download our version of the Essential Stone Temple Pilots, just click on the ITunes symbol under each song.

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1. Down
 The ultimate show opener with its gigantic sound. The song was a MONSTER live

2. Crackerman
 The song that really introduced the bullhorn as a musical instrument for a whole new generation

3. Sex Type Thing
 Amidst the controversial lyrics and backlash, still one of STP's strongest songs about a rape.
Sex Type Thing

4. Sex & Violence
 An all out assault from beginning to end.
Sex and Violence

5. Big Bang Baby
 The song that moved STP away from the "grunge" label and showcased the band as one of the most solid rock forces.
Big Bang Baby

6. Church on Tuesday
 Showcasing the more pop side of STP
Church on Tuesday

7. Vasoline
 Big hooks with swirling melodies. 'Nuff said.

8. Sour Girl
 Might be more known thanks to the trippy video featuring Sarah Michelle Geller and what looked to be a Tellatubby.
Sour Girl

9. Glide
 Further proof that STP was a solid rock band, such a psychedelic vibe with the guitar and vocals.

10. Still Remains
 A hidden gem on Purple. A song seemingly lost due to the strength of their other work, but one of our favorites.
Still Remains

11. Unglued
 Such a big guitar riff. Did anyone do it better in 1990s rock?

12. Wonderful
 An introverted Scott Weiland exposing himself pretty strongly to the world when his marriage is hitting the rocks.

13. A Song For Sleeping
 With the birth of a child, it seemed that Weiland had finally put his demons behind him. Of course we found out otherwise.
A Song for Sleeping

14. Lady Picture Show
 A hit when it was released, still strong after all these years.
Lady Picture Show

15. Big Empty
 Ominous and foreboding, yet remains anthemic, a perfect encapsulation of mainstream alienation gem.
Big Empty

16. Creep
  Another song that proved how strong STP's songwriting was.

17. Interstate Love Song
  Such an epic song, that brought STP to new heights.
Interstate Love Song

18. Trippin on a Hole
  Another song that was just a monster live.
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

19. Dead and Bloated
  The song that opened their debut over 10 years ago. Has it really been that long since this song ruled the airwaves?
Dead and Bloated

20. Plush
  The song that broke the band. Still a timeless staple, and broke the band.