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Taylor Hawkins


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   My name is Taylor Hawkins. I play drums in a band called the Foo Fighters. I really love my gig, but like a lot of drummers I am a frustrated songwriter; have been for years. About a year ago I found myself at my bro's house, Drew Hester, recording some tunes. Just fucking around, really. By the way, Drew is a drummer as well. He plays with Joe Walsh among others. Drew is not a frustrated songwriter, he is a frustrated producer/engineer. Anyways, we started recording some tunes in his shitty living room/bedroom/studio that consists of a $2000 Pro Tools rig and a couple hundred dollars' worth of microphones (see kids you can make an album, too.) I enlisted the help of Drew's roommate Gannin, a ripping guitarist/funny motherfucker. Once we started recording we couldn't stop. We were having too much fun. The songs piled up, averaging a song a day. Somewhere along the line I decided we were making a record. Fuck sound quality, fuck analyzing song structures, fuck all that stuff. We are making a record. After finishing most of the songs we decided we needed the best bass player in town to glue this shit together. Enter Chris Chaney. You need rock? Call Chaney. You need Afro Cuban fusion hip hop? Call Chaney. You need bass on your dog food jingle? Call Chaney. I think you get the picture. Chris came in and finished the bass for the album in about a day. We finished the album. Now we are ready to put it out there, warts and all. I hope you enjoy it. -Taylor Hawkins.