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Welcome to the Vault where each month we will step inside the catalog of an artist and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. What better place to start then with our Band of the Month, Rusted Root. Click on the CDs or the Titles to purchase the CDs that are not yet part of your collection!


Remember (1996)

Rusted Root's second major label release begins the move from the open jam-band nature that was featured on When I Woke and started focusing more on structure & song writing. As a whole, this is the band's most complete album and by far our favorite. Remember marked the first CD minus original member Jenn Wertz, whom left the band to pursue her solo career. Liz Berlin stepped up her game and steals this CD with her killer background vocals on "Sister Contine."

Standout Tracks: "Remember," "Heaven," "Sister Contine," "Bullets in the Fire," "River in a Cage," and "Circle of Rememberance"

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Welcome to My Party (2002)

The band broke up and went on their separate ways and singer Michael Glabicki went about writing his solo debut. Funny thing was the songs he was writing fit more with Rusted Root. So he brought the band back in and brought Jenn Wertz back to the fold. Welcome features the tightest songs of Rusted Root's career. Some have said that his is the band's attempt to move more mainstream, we think it is one of their best. From Wertz's vocals on "Blue Diamonds" & "Weave" to the "Drum Trip"-esque "People of My Village", Welcome is the first CD to show all the sides of Rusted Root equally and at their best.

Standout Tracks: "Welcome To My Party," "Blue Diamonds," "Weave," "Artificial Winter," "Too Much," and "People Of My Village"

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When I Woke (1993)

The disc that brought the band to the mainstream and by far it's most popular. When I Woke is by far the most upbeat and explodes out of the gate with the help of "Send Me On My Way," and "Ecstasy" and doesn't let up much after that. When I Woke also features some of Glabicki's most earthy and beautiful writing in "Beautiful People," "Cruel Sun" & "Back To The Earth." When I Woke has produced many of the concert staples for a Rusted Root concert.

Standout Tracks: "Ecstasy," "Send Me On My Way," "Beautiful People," "Martyr," "Food & Creative Love," and "Back To The Earth"

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Cruel Sun (1992)

The first Rusted Root disc that serves as the backbone and basis for all the other discs as many of the songs on this CD will return on later discs. Cruel Sun features more chanting, heavier drums, simpler arrangements, and more of a tribal sound. All songs that were redone sound better later except for "Cat Turned Blue," which featured the live staple include of Bob Dylan's class "All Along The Watchtower."

Standout Tracks: "Tree," "Won't Be Long," "Cat Turned Blue," and "Where She Runs"

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Rusted Root (1996)

Where as some fans saw Remember as the birth of a new band, many claim that the self titled Rusted Root was the death of the band and almost was, culminating in a killer cover of the Rolling Stones classic, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" – in this case, Root continuing on as a band. While this almost came true, Rusted Root seems to be the work of a band trying to go out with a bang, and featuring all their styles in one place. What came forth as an uneven at times performance with more filler than killer. Liz Berlin continued her turn in the spotlight with her lead vocals on "Moon" while the rhythm section continued to shine on "Agbadza."

Standout Tracks: "Magenta Radio," "She Roll Me Up," "Moon," and "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

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