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Velvet RevolverSlash
Alice in ChainsWilliam Duvall
BuckcherryStevie D.
Fall Out BoyPete Wentz
Collective SoulWill Turpin
Linkin ParkMike Shinoda
Slightly StoopidMiles Doughty
PoisonBret Michaels
WilcoJeff Tweedy
My Chemical RomanceRay Torro
HIMVille Valo
Arctic MonkeysJamie Cook
Emerson HartEmerson Hart
Kaiser ChiefsRicky Wilson
The Panic ChannelSteve Isaacs
Papa RoachJacoby Shaddix
Velvet RevolverScott Weiland
BuckcherryKeith Nelson
Blue OctoberRyan Delahoussaye
G. Love & Special SauceG. Love
My Chemical RomanceGerard Way
Pete YornPete Yorn
WilcoGlenn Kotche & John Stirratt
Rockstar SupernovaLukas Rossi & Tommy Lee
Alice in ChainsJerry Cantrell
Collective SoulEd Roland
Fall Out BoyAndy Hurley
Linkin ParkMike Shinoda
My Chemical RomanceGerard Way
Velvet RevolverScott Weiland
The RootsKirk Douglas
Alice in ChainsWilliam Duvall & Jerry Cantrell
BuckcherryJosh Todd
Biffy ClyroBiffy Clyro
Fall Out BoyPete Wentz
Collective SoulDean Roland
HinderAustin Winkler
Linkin ParkChester Bennington
LiveEd Kowalczyk
The Panic ChannelSiggy
Velvet RevolverDuff
Chris CornellChris Cornell
Rock Star SupernovaLukas Rossi
BuckcherryKeith Nelson & Stevie D
HinderAustin Winkler
Linkin ParkMike Shinoda
The Panic ChannelDave Navarro
Papa RoachTobin Esperance
PoisonBobby Dall
Toby LightmanToby Lightman
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