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 We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Dan Estrin, guitarist for Hoobastank. Dan and the rest of Hoobastank are currently hitting clubs around the country gorilla-style in preperation for their latest CD, Every Man For Himself, to drop on May 16th. Hoobastank is hitting small clubs, playing in front of a rabib 600 fans in Boston at the Middle East. Give a Listen* as we talk about all kinds of things including replacing a bass player, the recording of Every Man For Himself, as well as touring with Velvet Revolver. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. "The Reason" was one of the biggest songs in the last few years and was all over the radio. Did you get to the point where even you were sick of hearing it on the radio?Listen

2. One thing that always stands out is that people are now expecting "The Reason" Part 2 from you. Is it difficult since "The Reason" was not the normal Hoobastank song? Listen

3. Some fans are just very possessive to the point where even though they want the band to get famous, they don't want to lose that personal touch with the band. Listen

4. Since the recording of The Reason, your bassist Markku left the band. How different was it going into the studio without him? Listen

5. The band is always on tour, how did you find the time to hit the studio to record? Listen

6. The big story going around the internet is how touring with Velvet Revolver helped inspire the first single, "If I Were You." What was that tour like? Listen

7. Were did the idea come from to use the toy piano to mimick the bass line? Listen

8. Were did the drill seargeant come from on "Born to Lead"?Listen

9. Originally the drill seargant was supposed to be after one of the softer tracks on the CD, why did you change that when tracking the CD? Listen

10. Why did the release of the CD get pushed back a month? Is it frustrating to start doing press only to have that date moved? Listen

11. Are their multiple versions of the disc? Listen

12. Where did the idea come from to do this gorilla style tour of the smaller clubs? Listen

I want to thank Dan for taking the time to talk with me. We look forward to when Dan & Hoobastankcomes back, and can't wait for Every Man For Himself.

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