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 We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Keith Nelson, guitarist for Buckcherry. Keith and the rest of Buckcherry are currently hitting clubs around the country promoting their new CD, 15. Give a Listen* as we talk about the breakup of the band and what led to re-forming, the state of the music industry, as well as censoring "Crazy Bitch". *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. What were the factors that lead to Buckcherry disbanding? Listen

2. Josh did the Josh Todd band while you focused on working with other artists. Did you have any thoughts about getting right back "in the game" and starting a band? Listen

3. I was reading that you worked on the new Hoobastank disc? Listen

4. I remember last year I was talking with Silvertide, and they were the ones who first said that Buckcherry was back. Listen

5. How did you and Josh hook back up and decide that it was time to make music again? Listen

6. Is the dynamic in the band a lot different now that you have long time friends filling out the roster? Listen

7. One thing I have seen is that some fans don't dig Time Bomb due to it sounding too "grunge"? Listen

8. The thing that jumps out most about 15 is that it really showcases the full sound of Buckcherry. Do you think its a good representation of who the band is? Listen

9. The disc was first released in Japan on a major label but independently here. How did you decide on doing it yourselves? Listen

10. I heard "Beautiful" by James Blunt on the radio recently and even though the lyric was changed, I still hear "fuck" in there. Its great how pointless the censorship can be sometimes like in "Crazy Bitch." Listen

11. Do you have a next single picked out? Listen

12. I recently talked with Hoobastank and we talked about how fans want "The Reason," which is something that you have to run into with fans wanting "Lit Up." That tends to have an affect when a song like "Sorry" is recorded and it essentially becomes a love/hate for the song? Listen

13. The band has jumped on the MySpace train along with the millions of other bands. How much is MySpace and technology driving the music industry? Listen

14. You did some dates with Motley Crue in Japan recently as well as your own headlining shows. Are there set summer tour plans? Listen

15. The Japan release had a cover of "Pump It Up" and "Back in the Day" but they weren't on the US release, why? Listen

16. Just bought 3 CDs the other day, the first time buying CDs in quite some time and the cost ended up being $45. Do you think that we get to a time where the CD is gone? Listen

I want to thank Keith for taking the time to talk with me. We look forward to when Keith & Buckcherry are back. They destroyed the Middle East...the energy in the room was just off the charts.

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