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 We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Nathan Connolly, guitarist for Snow Patrol. Their third CD, Eyes Open was released in May of 2006 and has already record two smash singles "Hands Open," and "Chasing Cars." Now finally starting their tour, Snow Patrol hit Boston to a massive show at the Bank of America Pavilion, a show that was announced as the largest crowd the band had played to in the United States. Give a Listen* as we talk about the pressure of following up Final Straw, going in exile to write Eyes Open, as well as the feeling of playing at Live 8. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

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1. Your tour was forced to be cancelled before when Gary Lightbody (singer) had 2 polyps on his vocal chords. Was there ever a thought that this could end the band? Listen

2. There is an interesting thread on your band's official message board about fans who are upset that there will be no new music until 2008. You did just release Eyes Open in May of this year correct? Listen

3. Do you read reviews? Listen

4. A lot of reviews always refer to the band as similar to Coldplay. Is that a fair comparrison? Listen

5. Was your taking 6 weeks to work in exile on the new CD, a way to break everything down and get away from the madness? Listen

6. There was a great Q Magazine article recently about the pressure that Keane went through and the near breakup due to their success. Did Snow Patrol go through a similar phase where they struggled with the pressure? Listen

7. You said it earlier, but the thing that jumps most from the CD is the confidence of the band. It is almost as if it is a declaration of the Snow Patrol sound. Listen

8. Are you still feeling the new songs out live? Listen

9. This is such a hack question, but what is that feeling like when playing to that any people and having them sing your songs back? Listen

10. What are some of the bands that you are listening to now? Listen

11. Why was there 2 videos made for the new single, "Chasing Cars"? Listen

I want to thank Nathan for taking the time to talk with me. We look forward to when the guys come back to Boston, its been great watching the band play bigger venues every time they come back to Boston!

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