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 We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Gene Louis, the dynamic frontman of Bullets & Octane, before their show in Mansfield, MA as part of the Family Values Tour. Give a Listen* as we talk about their major label debutIn the Mouth of the Young, their non-stop touring schedule, working with Page Hamilton (Helmet), as well as the growing importance of digital music.

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1. How has the Family Values Tour been so far? Listen

2. Is it tough to get a crowd response going on so early in the day? Listen

3. What has it been like touring with so many big bands? Listen

4. You seem to really thrive by feeding off of the energy of the crowd? Listen

5. Having seen your live show before listening to the CD, I was struck with how close the CD came to showcasing your live sound. Listen

6. What was it like working with Page Hamilton (Helmet) and Ken Andrew (Year of the Rabbit)? Listen

7. Is it tough trying to kick the door down in the industry when it seems to have shifted away from the rock bands? Listen

8. It seems that the industry has moved towards the importance of a single versus the whole CD? Listen

9. Over the past year, more and more importance has been given to technologies such as MySpace. Do you think that MySpacee friends convert to sales? Listen

10. Is there one song that the fans seem to resond to more? Listen

11. You mention that you are always writing, is there any plans to release anything to your MySpace or online site? Listen

12. With your growing knowledge of Pro Tools, do you think you will start to produce your own music in the future? Listen

I want to thank Gene for taking the to chat with me. Bullets & Octane put on a great live show and was one of the highlights of the Family Values Tour. We look forward to when the guys come back to Boston!

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